Cupcake Revelations

16 Jun

Last Saturday Das Cupcake had a photoshoot and it was awesome. Actually last week was all around awesome for Das Cupcake. On Monday, I had my final exam and passed! So now I am officially official to sell my cupcakes anywhere in Germany because I’m qualified man! I am a Konditorin. I just love the way that spills off my tongue. This is a huge deal!

Last Saturday was also huge because a new friend I made came all the way from Stuttgart with all her photography equipment and we had a cupcake photoshoot.

I prepared the cupcakes a day ahead and styled them for each set-change. It was my very very very first time being a Director on a shoot and I didn’t really know what to do. Luckily for the first two thirds of the shoot, Jen took charge and set up the photos and finally during the last third of the shoot I started styling the shots a bit more and looking over Jen’s shoulder into her Canon’s viewfinder. When I did that, I felt truly like a creative Director and it brought me back to watching America’s Next Top Model episodes with Jay Manual directing the shoots! Halfway through the shoot, as I prepped a cupcake and saw my living room transformed into a mini set, I got this immense surge of joy. Here is an excerpt of what I wrote during this time (so as not to forget exactly where my whole being was at that time):

“I feel it! I feel IT! I have this constant sense of well-being and joy flowing through my body. I know that I am doing what I love. I can’t get this grin off of my face. My heart is so happy. We are listening to a compilation of my old soundtracks I compiled online and listening to this music has somehow connected me to my past and present. On a subconscious level it has brought me back to my past when I was unhappy with my career and spontaneously triggered a reaction in me in response to how happy I feel in this moment of time. I’m soaring. It feels like I’ve come full circle. Like I’ve come home. What is that called when the past and present combine and it’s just perfect harmony? An incredible feeling. I feel so connected to myself.”

Now brace yourself for some cheesiness, but it has to be said. I really believe that this feeling I get when making cupcakes gets passed onto the customer. It’s not just ‘x’ amount of hours spent on a cupcake order, but my love of the cupcake coming from THE ultimate place of self-fulfillment in my soul right to you!

I really had a wonderful day (and week!) and I thank Jen with my whole heart for making the huge effort and sharing her huge “Photographerin” talent with me!

A sneak peak at the goodies we photographed!

6 Responses to “Cupcake Revelations”

  1. Sonja Crockford June 16, 2011 at 22:38 #

    Gorgeous cupcakes! Well done and congrats!

  2. Lisa June 17, 2011 at 06:23 #

    Wow, Ewa… just, WOW. You are truly an inspiration to me……… ugh I love you.

    Lisa (your proud BFF)

  3. Lisa June 17, 2011 at 06:25 #

    Dude, that photo with the flower (peony?)… Gorgeous, elegant, artistic.. who knew?! With a CUPCAKE!! Amazing!

  4. Iro [Ivy style33] June 21, 2011 at 22:27 #

    Hello Eva,

    congratulations on the photoshoot! Your home looks lovely and your creations are pieces of art!
    Have tried to but not succeeded reaching you, perjaps you could try, too when you have the time.

    Best regards & wishes for a nice evening,
    Iro [Domestic Storiers with Ivy]

  5. Anna July 9, 2011 at 16:55 #

    Hey Cupcake!
    I´ve just stumbled upon your site and love it!!! So many beautiful, delicious looking cupcakes.
    Congrats on being a Konditorin!
    I know we Germans are strange when it comes to sweets and qualifications ;-)
    I am a twenty-something German Girl finally figuring out that baking is what I really want to do. I´d love to hear more about how you mastered to get the german degree and opened a business in Frankfurt.
    Lots of Cupcake Love

    • dascupcake July 11, 2011 at 09:50 #

      Thank you for your sweet comments again! I have sent some more info in an email directly to you.:)

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