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Das Cupcake Gets Married!

12 Oct

So everyone, I am married! The time flew by this summer as I planned every detail with Mr.Cupcake and the day was perfect! We celebrated on September 15th, exactly one year and one month after we got engaged.

The weather was perfect, the ceremony was beautiful and the party went on until 5am! On the day I did my best to take everyone’s advice which was to let go and savour every delicious moment of the day and it really worked.

I, of course baked my own cake and with the help of my trusty bridesmaids we baked 144 fresh cupcakes for the wedding guests too. The day before my wedding day was spent in the kitchen and began at 9am and ended at 23:00 with a car packed full of cupcakes and bridesmaids.

The cake baking started on a Monday and I decided to try to make a purple ombre cake so that when you cut in you got layer after layer of purple cake. It is a relatively easy trick i.e. just add food colour to your batter to get a nice wow effect. I made a delicious vanilla bean sponge cake with dark purple blackcurrant organic filling in between the layers.

Here are some pictures from the wedding.

Getting ready for my big day. I conveniently matched my lipstick to my hair rollers.

Final touches before walking down the aisle!

Quintessential, beautiful, historic Idstein. Taking some pictures around the town.

Love is in the air. One of our favourite pictures.

After the church ceremony we walked five minutes to the venue. A historic hotel called The Hoerhof. It’s so charming and the owner is wonderful and the staff were just so on the ball from the moment we arrived.

We started with a lemonade stand where each person got there own jar with a tag on it. The tag was a game where you had to find the person at the wedding that fit the description. Mr. Cupcake and I both agreed that the most annoying thing abut weddings is not really knowing anyone so we decided to include some compulsory¬†interaction at our party. It was not easy to think of bi-lingual one liner riddles about each of our guests but we did it! Here is what they looked like…

Each guest got a personalized jar with their name on it as well as a brown tag, with no name, just the task to Finde Mich! (Find me!). i.e. another guest at the wedding

A close up shot of one of the tags.

We also added the fun moustache trend.

Moustache trend anyone?? One of my bridesmaids cut out each individual curly moustache, then cut out the sticky strip, then attached them to all the straws! I do believe I invented a new form of torture!

The tables all set up and pretty. It was a definite journey to find a theme to tie everything together and get all the stuff in Germany but we did it!

We decided on long tables. We discussed it and thought about it and decided there would be more interaction amongst the guests..since at a round table you tend to have only interaction to the left and the right of you.

Mr. Cupcake’s mom and I, painstakingly cut out all the paper butterflies by hand, then glued them on. Then we trimmed and glued on the white doilies and hand-tied the bow on each favour. Worth every second!

Cutting the cake. Both of us in carefully and meticulously focused on the task.

Heavily concentrated on cutting the ombre cake!

Clearing the dance floor of roses to begin the first dance -blind-folded no less. I had to find my way to the roses with all the wedding guests, shouting ‘hot!’ ‘cold!’ Mr. Cupcake’s job was to collect the wine bottles the roses were in and collect the roses so at the end when I took the blind-fold off, he had a huge rose bouquet waiting for me. So much fun! After that we did the waltz to this waltz famous for being in the movie Eyes Wide Shut. It has a really fast beat and there was no way we could pull it off with tripping all over wedding gown so I changed into my party dress that I picked out especially for the evening.

We danced the Waltz without tripping over each other too much.

long romantic wedding table

Evening ambiance.

And opened the underground cellar space for the party! Mr. Cupcake insisted on strobe lights and a dry ice/fog machine and although it was totally 1990s I agreed to his request. It was totally awesome and foggy and made for a fun atmosphere.

At the end of the night, Mr. Cupcake surprised me with fireworks. I love fireworks. They make me feel like a kid watching them with eyes of wonder and mouth wide open, anticipating the next colourful burst in the air.

What can I say? The perfect end to the perfect day…After the fireworks we continued to party in the cellar-turned-club until the wee hours of the morning with our awesome friends. It was really the sweetest day of my entire life!