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Cupcake Courses for 2016 in Frankfurt

24 Feb

One of the things that I love equally as much as baking is meeting fellow bakers in Frankfurt and teaching them all I know about baking the most perfect cupcakes. For about 2 years now, I have had at least 3 weekends a month booked with students from all over Germany coming to Frankfurt for my classes.

The most popular one is the one where I give away my vanilla raspberry cupcakes recipe and teach my students how to make swiss meringue buttercream. In this class there is also an introduction to working with fondant and gum paste and I teach how to make little daisy flowers and lady bugs.

cupcake class frankfurt germany

In addition to learning how to work with fondant and gum paste, the students also get to try out professional piping tips that give you that beautiful bakery swirl! We practice piping techniques and learn how to colour buttercream.

A close second, is the decoration course where you learn how to put the perfect fondant dome on a cupcake and how to make a beautiful rose bud.


Student’s work after my step by step demo on how to make a rose bud in one of my classes.

I run all my courses from my baking studio and additionally I have a longstanding partnership with the Genussakademie which is a culinary school here in Frankfurt. My courses are bestsellers on their website, and every course is fully booked.

genussakademie frankfurt cupcake class

Here is a picture at the Genussakademie in Frankfurt. This is the Fressgasse location, located right next to the Apple store in Frankfurt. Here is a work station set up for my cupcake baking class.

genussakademie cupcakes in frankfurt

For each station, there are 4-5 participants that work together to bring the cupcakes to life. As the first step I go through the written recipe step by step with the entire class and then they make the cupcakes themselves at each station while I come by and help and ensure they are on the right track. The best way to learn is by doing it themselves.

This year I have introduced a new course, called Pralines. This means I teach you how to make your own box of truffles. Using traditional praline making techniques and new ones, I show you techniques and tricks to give you the confidence to work with chocolate. You learn how to temper chocolate, how to make ganache -3 ways, how to use cocoa butter to paint patterns, how to use chocolate foil transfers, and how to make two different types of fillings. I am really looking forward to this one!

I also run cake pop courses where you learn my chocolate cake recipe and a sharp edges courses which means working with a big cake, learning how to fill it and working with ganache as a medium to get those sharp fondant edges!

genussakademie fressgasse cupcake class

Here is the set up for newest course which I exclusively offer at the Genussakademie -the mini cake course. In this course you learn how to make a mini cake and the techniques you would use on a big cake. There is tons of ground to cover in this course in just four short hours but that is why I have developed the sharp edges course which I offer at the Ewa Feix Akademie as a follow up to to the mini cake course. The sharp edges course is 7 hours long and does include lunch!

All the courses are in German. After 6 years of living in Frankfurt now, with a thick English accent I do my best and communicate with all my participants in German.

For more information about my courses at the Ewa Feix Akademie and to sign up, click here:



The Das Cupcake Studio is Open for Classes

10 Aug

So when I first opened the Ewa Feix Akademie back in 2013, I would run my courses at an external location. And by external location, I mean a dentist’s office, not an actual dentist’s office, but the big conference rooms of the dentist’s office. It wasn’t exactly baking central but I did purely decoration courses so it the conference room in the city centre was perfect.

Once I wanted to offer baking focused classes I contacted the Genussakademie which is a culinary school in Frankfurt. They welcomed me with open arms and I began teaching there first once a month back in 2013 and to date I teach 3 classes a month now and I am proud to say that my classes are one of their best sellers, which means that 99% of the time, my classes are fully booked with lovely ladies and men from all over Germany ready to bake and decorate cupcakes. The classes at the Genussakademie are designed for 18 participants and last 4 hours. I have met countless enthusiastic and talented bakers and I love sharing my knowledge with them.

At the Ewa Feix Akademie, I host 8 participants per course and the courses are longer, lasting 5 hours. I designed these courses to focus on decoration and more advanced skills that I can’t really transfer so easily to a class of 18 in just 4 hours. So this is where the Ewa Feix Akademie comes in to accommodate those that want to have a more focused and intensive course. I also provide a light lunch for all my course participants.

So with the Genussakademie on the one hand, and the Ewa Feix Akademie on the other, my schedule is nice and full. And excitingly, I have been able to invest in my own Das Cupcake studio. It is located just 2km outside of the main Sachsenhausen area of Frankfurt and this is where the courses take place.

My good friend and talented photographer took some snaps for me of my lovely studio so I could share them with you.

cupcakes Frankfurt

My baby, my Kenwood.

Tasty cake pops waiting to get eaten.

Tasty cake pops waiting to get eaten.

frankfurt classes baking

Baking, my favourite thing.

frankfurt baking classes

Enough work space for two groups of 4 people.

frankfurt cupcake class

Extra long table for making cupcake decorations. Sits 8 people comfortably.

frankfurt cake classes

Ray of sunshine in the Das Cupcake studio.

cupcake class frankfurt

Sprinkles and cupcake chaos.

For more information about classes, dates and prices, please visit the Ewa Feix Akademie tab on my website.  I would love to have you as one of my students!

Fluffy American Cupcakes in Germany

27 May

I am extremely excited to announce our next guest teacher coming to Frankfurt. It is Betsy from JavaCupcake.

She is not only a talented and devoted blogger, but always finds the time to generously share her wonderful recipes on her blog. Some of my favourite recipes which sound as heavenly as they taste are: White Velvet Blueberry Cupcakes, Homemade blueberry compote for filling your cupcakes and strawberry cupcakes made with fresh strawberry puree. I mean this girl steeps vanilla beans in her milk for vanilla cupcakes-how impressive is that? And in between steeping vanilla beans in milk she still finds time to write as a Correspondent for the world famous cupcake blog: Cupcakes Take the Cake.

On Betsy’s blog you will find bucket loads of recipes and also tutorials and videos– she is everything a great blogger should be and I admire her for that. Furthermore, she is not just someone who loves all things cupcake but someone who can appreciate the fine art of putting together a delicious cupcake recipe from scratch.

And the cool thing is that she has agreed to come to Frankfurt to help demystify one of the biggest secrets in baking. Yes, I am talking monumental. Just like that ever elusive vanilla cupcake recipe, that go-to, that is not to sweet and perfectly fluffy and comes with a fabulous buttercream, that level monumental.


Betsy and I are joining forces, and our expertise about all things cupcake and coming together to find out the question to that age old question bugging ALL expats abroad..and that is:

Can you truly make a fluffy North American style cupcake beauty in Europe?

Are the ingredients a totally different ballgame? Can you be set for success when you leave a German supermarket with your 405 Mehl (flour)? Or are American cupcakes, just that, cupcakes that can only be found in America?

Well, the mystery will be solved this July 20th. Armed with fresh ingredients from the commissary and fresh ingredients from REWE (German supermarket chain), we will bake cupcakes from scratch, using the same recipe but with local and international ingredients, to find out, what really counts when you are trying to bake a cupcake recipe from an American book in Germany.

Yes, we will buy cake flour, yes we will use the famous cake flour substitute, yes we will use American butter and REWE butter and do a side by side comparison of the results.

Are you excited??? Will you be there?

Where else would you want to be?

This is huge!!

So sign up for our class now! Email me:

If you are still not convinced, Betsy and I will also be teaching piping techniques. Pretty swirls of all varieties. We will show you how to fill your piping bags with no mess, how to colour frosting and how to make the perfect swirl!

So what are waiting for? We would love to have you!

Java + Cupcake = Betsy!

Java + Cupcake = Betsy!

Here is some more information:

in this class you will…

    • learn the difference between an American cupcake & a German cupcake
    • see a side by side comparison of the ingreidents used in American cupcakes vs. German cupcakes
    • learn how to make classic Vanilla cupcakes with both American & German techniques and ingredients
    • learn how to make classic American buttercream
    • learn how to colour buttercream
    • learn how to use a piping bag and a coupler
    • learn how to pipe frosting on a cupcake to create perfect swirls of buttercream
    • bring home 6 beautifully decorated and delicious cupcakes to take home to family and friends.

Workshop fees include all ingredients and tools plus a light lunch. Don’t forget to bring your aprons!

Date: Saturday, July 20, 2013
Start time: 10:00 a.m. (30 minute lunch break)
End time: 2:30 p.m.
Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Language: English
Price: 120€

For registration information, email:

The Ewa Feix Akademie is now Open!

3 Jan

Ok, so this year I want to bring the world of cupcake decorating to Frankfurt, Germany. That means cupcake classes in Frankfurt and international cake teachers in Frankfurt. Yes, it is a huge endevour but I am so excited. The one thing I always wished when I saw a new class being posted, was “I wish I could go. I wish the class was here in Frankfurt.” So I decided to ask the teachers to come here and they said yes!

The first international teacher of year is Tracy James from Cotton and Crumbs. In the world of tiered wedding cakes with beautiful cascading fondant roses and delicate fondant rose buds on vintage cupcakes, she is really second to none. I went to one of her classes in Birmingham and wrote about it in this post. She is an excellent teacher and I learned three new techniques from her: the big open two-toned rose, the striped bow and how to use royal icing to create an embroidery effect. All of these techniques are perfect for cupcakes and for large cakes.

So I am excited to announce that the Ewa Feix Akademie is offering, not one, but TWO classes with Tracy in Frankfurt am Main!! To book your spot email Das Cupcake:

The first class is the cupcake class.

Vintage Boutique Cupcakes (Wednesday February 20th, 2013, 10:00 a.m. to 16:30), 250€

In this class you will learn:
– stenciling techniques
-brush embroidery techniques
-how to colour fondant
-how to cover cupcakes with fondant
-how to make custom sugar pearls
-how to make a two-tone bow
-how to make a beautiful signature large rose and rosebud out of gumpaste

By the end of the 6 hour tuition, you will have 12 beautifully decorated and delicious cupcakes to take home to family and friends. Workshop fees include all ingredients and tools. To book your spot email Das Cupcake:

You get to take beautiful vintage cupcakes like these home!

You get to take beautiful vintage cupcakes like these home! Picture courtesy of Cotton and Crumbs.

The second class is just as awesome as it focuses on sugar flower skills. Step-by-step and piece-by-piece you will craft a flower bouquet made all of sugar that would make any bride melt. Tracy will take you through the steps, giving tips and tricks along the way so that a seemingly difficult project will become perfectly achievable. This course is perfect for those just starting out with crafting sugar flowers and those looking to practice the skills they already have on new types of flowers. Imagine making the topper on your own wedding cake or maybe you said you would help your friend with her wedding cake and you really want to impress the guests. Or you need to hone your skills as you are trying to turn your hobby into a business. Then again, this is a great sugar crafting course.

Wedding Flowers Single Tier Cake (Thursday February 21st, 2013, 10:00 a.m. to 16:30) 250€

In this class you will learn:
-how to colour fondant
-how to apply fondant onto a dummy cake
-how make a two-tone large rosebud out of gumpaste
-how to make gumpaste rosebuds, hydrangeas and filler flowers
-how to pipe with royal icing on a cake

By the end of the 6 hour tuition, you will have a beautifully decorated dummy cake that you can use as a display to showcase your skills or to use a reference when you want to try out your new skills at home. Workshop fees include all ingredients and tools.

cake class decoration frankfurt

Picture courtesy of Cotton and Crumbs.

So what are you waiting for? No hassle of boarding flights to the UK, but still all the fun! Sign up now! And bring a friend. Make it a Girl’s Day Out in Frankfurt. Give it as a present to your wifey! Give this link as a hint to your hubby! Sign up to improve those skills or just have fun. It’ll be a blast and finally I will get to meet all you lovely readers in person too! Whoopee! Added bonus.

To book your spot email Das Cupcake:

Keep your eyes peeled for some more guest teachers in the near future…think, the master of sphere-shaped cakes. Yes, he/she will soon be in Frankfurt too!

Cupcake and Cake Pops classes at Frankfurt’s Genussakademie

28 Dec

Exciting news! I scored a spot as a guest teacher at the Genussakademie and with it my first article about Das Cupcake in print! How cool is that! My new name, “Ewa Feix” and my come to real-life business idea, “Das Cupcake” in black and white! This article is in the latest issue of Genuss Magazine. Check out my little, not so shabby blurb on the page. This magazine is a culinary magazine published by the Genussakademie on all types of culinary happenings in Germany, in subject areas like wine regions, professional kitchen equipment and the top restaurants in the Rhein Main region. It also prints information about all their classes and the chef/bakers that teach them. Maybe I too will be on the cover one day. *sigh* A girl can dream, can’t she. You can read more about the magazine itself here (in German).


The article introduces me as a new guest teacher. The title, Süße Törtchen mit Sti(e)l! is a cute word play and translates to “Cute Cakes with Style/Sticks” In German if you add the “e” the word turns from “style” to “stick” and is alluding to the fact that I make cute cakes and cute cakes on sticks too i.e. cake pops. Cute, eh?

It goes on to explain that since I came to Germany in 2009, I developed my own recipes to perfection and that I also perfected the art of decorating by learning with world-reknown cake designers like Lori a.k.a. the Caketress and Naomi a.k.a. hello naomi. In addition, I bring to the academy, a new theme -cake pops. Are they mini muffins? Are they round cakes? the article asks, and responds by saying “whatever they are, they give us the perfect opportunity/occasion/excuse to decorate and eat/munch up some goodies.

Now what is the Genussakademie, you ask. Well, it is a really awesome culinary school in Frankfurt. With four amazing kitchen spaces, like this sexy beast, it invites guest teachers and of course has its own permanent chefs that teach everything from Thai cooking, to five course menus to using knives properly to cupcakes and cake pops!

I will be teaching a total of four classes at the Genussakademie in Frankfurt. 2 cupcake ones (one in German and one in English) and 2 cake pop ones (one in German and one in English).

Cupcake Classes (January 27th, 2013 (in German) & February 17th, 2013 (in English, yay!) from 11:00 a.m. to 15:00) 69€

This class is designed for beginners and those who already bake but want to learn how to bake fluffy North American style cupcakes. You will learn how to bake delicious cupcakes from scratch, using high quality ingredients. Then you will make buttercream frosting for your freshly baked cupcakes. Once we have everything made, there will be an introduction to working with fondant, followed by using your skills to create fondant creations that will go onto your cupcakes. Lastly you will learn how to use a piping bag and piping tips to create buttercream swirls like a professional.

In this class you will learn:

-how to make swiss meringue buttercream (this is the buttercream most used by wedding cake designers in North America. It is not too sickly sweet but instead silky and oh-so-delicious.)

-how to bake vanilla raspberry cupcakes

-how to colour fondant and how to work with flower paste

-how use professional tools to create fondant flowers and other pretty details

-how to use a piping bag to make buttercream swirls

By the end of the 4 hour tuition, you will have 6 delicious and beautifully decorated cupcakes to take home to family and friends. This course is available on weekends and in both English and German for your convenience. Workshop fees include all ingredients. To sign up for the cupcake class, follow the link here.

frankfurt cupcake class

Cake Pop Classes (February 10th, 2013 (in German) & March 3, 2013 (in English, yay!) from 11:00 a.m. to 15:00) 69€

This class is designed to introduce you to the world of cake pops. Cake pops are a wonderful trend, made famous by Bakerella from America, who is the queen of turning cake pops into works of cute art. Cake pops are pieces of cake on a stick, dipped in chocolate/candy melts and make wonderful bite sized pieces of dessert. You can customize them by topping them with ingredients such as coconut, hazelnut or sprinkles.

In this class you will learn:

-how to bake the cake which is the foundation for a delicious cake pop

-how to make the frosting that binds the cake pop together

-tips and tricks to making perfectly shaped cake pops

-how to melt chocolate using a bain-marie

-tips and tricks to dipping your cake pop

-how to decorate cake pop using ingredients you can buy at any grocery store

At the end of the class you will go home with 24 cake pops to share with your family and friends. This course is available on weekends and in both English and German for your convenience. Workshop fees include all ingredients. To book the cake pop class, follow the link here.

peach cake pop frankfurt am Main

Amazing pictures by Morayma from

We really have something for everyone! Whether you want a class in German or English, about cupcakes or cake pops, we have it all. So join me at the Genussakademie and I promise you tons of tips and tricks, delicious results and lots of fun! I look forward to meeting you all!

Das Cupcake Gets Married!

12 Oct

So everyone, I am married! The time flew by this summer as I planned every detail with Mr.Cupcake and the day was perfect! We celebrated on September 15th, exactly one year and one month after we got engaged.

The weather was perfect, the ceremony was beautiful and the party went on until 5am! On the day I did my best to take everyone’s advice which was to let go and savour every delicious moment of the day and it really worked.

I, of course baked my own cake and with the help of my trusty bridesmaids we baked 144 fresh cupcakes for the wedding guests too. The day before my wedding day was spent in the kitchen and began at 9am and ended at 23:00 with a car packed full of cupcakes and bridesmaids.

The cake baking started on a Monday and I decided to try to make a purple ombre cake so that when you cut in you got layer after layer of purple cake. It is a relatively easy trick i.e. just add food colour to your batter to get a nice wow effect. I made a delicious vanilla bean sponge cake with dark purple blackcurrant organic filling in between the layers.

Here are some pictures from the wedding.

Getting ready for my big day. I conveniently matched my lipstick to my hair rollers.

Final touches before walking down the aisle!

Quintessential, beautiful, historic Idstein. Taking some pictures around the town.

Love is in the air. One of our favourite pictures.

After the church ceremony we walked five minutes to the venue. A historic hotel called The Hoerhof. It’s so charming and the owner is wonderful and the staff were just so on the ball from the moment we arrived.

We started with a lemonade stand where each person got there own jar with a tag on it. The tag was a game where you had to find the person at the wedding that fit the description. Mr. Cupcake and I both agreed that the most annoying thing abut weddings is not really knowing anyone so we decided to include some compulsory interaction at our party. It was not easy to think of bi-lingual one liner riddles about each of our guests but we did it! Here is what they looked like…

Each guest got a personalized jar with their name on it as well as a brown tag, with no name, just the task to Finde Mich! (Find me!). i.e. another guest at the wedding

A close up shot of one of the tags.

We also added the fun moustache trend.

Moustache trend anyone?? One of my bridesmaids cut out each individual curly moustache, then cut out the sticky strip, then attached them to all the straws! I do believe I invented a new form of torture!

The tables all set up and pretty. It was a definite journey to find a theme to tie everything together and get all the stuff in Germany but we did it!

We decided on long tables. We discussed it and thought about it and decided there would be more interaction amongst the guests..since at a round table you tend to have only interaction to the left and the right of you.

Mr. Cupcake’s mom and I, painstakingly cut out all the paper butterflies by hand, then glued them on. Then we trimmed and glued on the white doilies and hand-tied the bow on each favour. Worth every second!

Cutting the cake. Both of us in carefully and meticulously focused on the task.

Heavily concentrated on cutting the ombre cake!

Clearing the dance floor of roses to begin the first dance -blind-folded no less. I had to find my way to the roses with all the wedding guests, shouting ‘hot!’ ‘cold!’ Mr. Cupcake’s job was to collect the wine bottles the roses were in and collect the roses so at the end when I took the blind-fold off, he had a huge rose bouquet waiting for me. So much fun! After that we did the waltz to this waltz famous for being in the movie Eyes Wide Shut. It has a really fast beat and there was no way we could pull it off with tripping all over wedding gown so I changed into my party dress that I picked out especially for the evening.

We danced the Waltz without tripping over each other too much.

long romantic wedding table

Evening ambiance.

And opened the underground cellar space for the party! Mr. Cupcake insisted on strobe lights and a dry ice/fog machine and although it was totally 1990s I agreed to his request. It was totally awesome and foggy and made for a fun atmosphere.

At the end of the night, Mr. Cupcake surprised me with fireworks. I love fireworks. They make me feel like a kid watching them with eyes of wonder and mouth wide open, anticipating the next colourful burst in the air.

What can I say? The perfect end to the perfect day…After the fireworks we continued to party in the cellar-turned-club until the wee hours of the morning with our awesome friends. It was really the sweetest day of my entire life!

Back to Basics-Working in Germany as a Cupcake Konditorin

1 Aug

So although I have been keeping you all abreast of the things I have been participating in, there have not been many ‘Ah ha!’ developments, until today of course!

So yes, I have been blogging but I haven’t told you the big news! I have secured a kitchen share! It’s totally awesome and great and I share with a lovely Konditor, Herr Kay who has been in the biz of cakes and breads as the business has been passed down the generations since the 1800’s. He kindly has invited me to his Backstübe (kitchen) so that I can bake my cupcakes and share them with you all as a cupcake Konditorin in Frankfurt.

The magical big kitchen!

The place is 30 minutes outside of Frankfurt and is just perfect in a small village and a paddock with horses in the old Fachwerk (timber) house next door, who always greet me with their serious horse faces as I pull up to bakery every morning.
I go there to bake cupcakes as well as to hone those baking skills, you know, bring to life all those youtube videos I have seen on cake making. The wonderful thing I appreciate about Herr Kay is that he gives me just enough rope to hang myself but then as soon as I am on the precipice of doing it, he saves me and shows me how it’s really done. So without interfering or condescending, he shows me the ropes, the good kind of ropes that is.

Where all the magic happens! My perfect little space in the kitchen!

Today, I made a triple batch of buttercream. And well it looked like it always does. More yellow than white, due to the brand of butter and the brown vanilla paste that goes in. It’s also full of air bubbles which I have trouble to knock out since I only use a hand-mixer for a triple batch, but hey what the heck. So my mission today was to learn how to make a cake. It is my first cake. Just for fun and to try out some new skills.

After watching countless youtube videos, I decided I needed some serious tools for cake making. I bought a leveler which has those little bubbles to tell you if your angle is perfectly horizontal, a right angle measuring tool, a huge spatula, a little spatula, a turntable, a mat to go under the turntable and a bench scraper. So after all that I felt pretty secure that I would make an awesome cake. You would too, right?

After baking Peggy Porschen’s vanilla sponge recipe, cutting it into un-level layers which were perfectly indicated as un-level by my handy leveler, I layered them with my yellow air bubbly buttercream and with expensive raspberry jam and threw the slightly slanted thingie in the fridge.
Shortly after, Herr Kay comes over to look at the leftover buttercream that is to go around and all over the cake after the central layers have set up in the fridge for a bit. He looks at it and says, your buttercream is not finished.And I say: “Sure it is. It always looks like that.”

He repeats: “It’s not ready.”

After touching it gently he says: “It’s too cold. It’s too yellow and it not properly bound together.”

To which I say: “It’s always yellow. It’s the butter I use. It’s the vanilla paste I use. It’s the hand-mixer that’s not strong enough to get the air bubbles out.”

To which he responds: “It’s not a finished buttercream. Use the heat gun just a little to warm up the buttercream and continue to beat it with the hand-mixer.”(The heat gun looks like an actual hairdryer, but it’s actually much hotter and used to temper stuff with a hot wind heat shall we say which is less aggressive in temperature as say a microwave is.)

So not trusting Herr Kay’s advice, I put the the buttercream back in the fridge so it can set up hard and is easier to slather onto my cake. I go back to my work station and start to tidy up. Thinking, hmmm, maybe, Herr Kay has a point….So I wash my hands, keep tidying, and finally, I say, screw it. I’m going to listen to him.

I take the buttercream out of the fridge and get the heat gun on it while beating the buttercream with the hand-mixer. Nothing really happens but Herr Kay takes notice just as I am about to give up. He brings the heat gun closer to the buttercream while I use the handmixer. Slowly and right before my eyes, the buttercream, starts to bind beautifully into the silkiest silk you have EVER seen. It no longer yellow but a silky white!! The texture is silk-a-fying and takes on a luxuriously elastic quality. No air bubbles!! Just smooth white buttercream!!

I look at Herr Kay, wide-eyed with excitement as I see my little hand-mixer make the best buttercream I have ever made in my life, right before my eyes!! I can hardly believe it! But I thought the butter made it yellow and the vanilla paste…but my hand-mixer isn’t powerful enough to handle such a job! But sure enough, Herr Kay was right. The only thing we changed was the temperature through the heat gun and it worked like a magic wand!

So after seeing all my tools, Herr Kay explained to me how he learned to fully craft a cake with just one tool: a knife. A long palette-like knife, but nevertheless, just a knife.

And after taking pity on me and my cake covering skills with my new-found perfect buttercream, he showed me how it was done. Using just one tool, not a single one more.

The last lesson of the day came when HE had finished frosting the whole cake. He looked at the four layers and commented on its height. The cake measures about 4 inches which is exactly what I was going for. A wonderfully tall cake like those bakers all over the world create and which I totally adore.

Upon seeing it’s final height, Herr Kay said to me: “To be honest I think when it comes to putting fondant on this cake, you may really struggle. You should really have started with a very lowl slightly domed cake which is much easier to cover. Then graduated to a two layered cake with sharper edges and then finally this one, which is super tall with sharp edges. It’s like with driving. When you first learn to drive, you have mini lessons in a parking lot, not on the highway or in a busy city centre.”

And at that moment, I realized he was absolutely right. Yes, I want to be just like my Cake Idols, but I need to take some baby steps first. I really have to learn to walk before I run. It’s so important to build skills in steps rather than just jumping into the deep end where I am likely to fail, get frustrated and miss out on a valuable learning curve that I would learn through a gradual process.

So really interesting revelations at the Backstübe (kitchen) heute (today). I have a lot to learn but I’m happy to do it and I am lucky enough to have found just the right person to help me to continue my cupcake journey!

Here are some pictures of my first cake!!

It was extremely delicious!! Technical issue: As you can see the frosting moat/border used to keep in the raspberry filling was a little too wide. Note to self: Use a smaller round tip next time!!

I am super excited to have booked a sharp edges course this fall, to learn how to get sharp edges on my cake!

Visiting the Dr. Oetker Kitchen Studio

13 Jun

As my prize in the Dr. Oetker Dekorideen Wettbewerb (competition), I was lucky enough to be invited to bake at the Dr. Oetker Studio in Bielefeld in one of their courses. I had an all-expenses paid trip and was able to bring three people with me. So I chose Mr. Cupcake and the Cupcakes-In-Law, Mr. Cupcake’s wonderful mom and dad.

I was welcomed by Marjana, one the people involved in organizing the competition and her passion for her work and positive energy was really lovely to see and to be around. It was an absolute pleasure to finally meet her. She took care of everything from the first call to the expenses list and I really appreciated all of her hard work in making my visit a great one and of course the bag of awesome Dr. Oetker goodies was an awesome surprise!

So the task for the day for us four and the 10 other people on the course was to bake!! We all received a recipe each and had to make it from scratch using all the ingredients laid out at our stations. So that means, yes you did the math right, 14 sweet goodies to trial at the end!

In pulling recipes, out of a bucket, Mr. Cupcake got a wonderfully yummy recipe for Sweet Hot Dogs. With some angst at the beginning and unsure of his moves in a kitchen, surrounded by flour and sugar, he gained more and more confidence by the minute and the results showed! Yummy sweet soft dough buns, filled with custard cream, chocolate cigars and kiwi and grapes as décor.

I, on the other hand, pulled out a cake recipe. A departure from my cupcake-making days and a healthy challenge. The recipe produced a very delicious simple vanilla cake with a focus on working with marzipan and molding the cake into a ladybug. Here is my finished product.

Vanilla sponge cake topped with a whipped cream with little chocolate shavings folded into the cream.

Here is Mother-Cupcake-In-Law using the glittery gels a.k.a. Glitter Pens from Dr. Oetker.

Here is the finished product of Father-Cupcake-In-Law.

Mr. Cupcake was actually one of the first people on the course to finish his recipe so he was delegated a second, this time savoury recipe to prepare. A tomatoe and red pepper soup, filled with feta and roasted pinenuts…, good! With a side of puff pastry savoury sticks covered in bacon bits finished by the assistants at the course. Sorry no pictures of these as these were gobbled up pretty darn fast!!

Here are all the wonderful baked goods. I have a nicely soup-lined belly at this point and am ready to dive in!

Click on the picture if you would like to see a bigger version.

They were all very excellent and so fresh. We were allowed to take as many of the leftovers of each as we wanted. So we took a lot!

After four hours of baking, we took the train home to Frankfurt. Loaded up with Dr. Oetker goodies and freshly baked desserts!

It was a rockin’ course and I would highly recommend the trip. Here is a link for more information on their course schedule. They are always updating their course selection and so there is always something new to learn!

Thank you once again for all your votes, you guys. The support was overwhelming and the prize was very much enjoyed by all!

Cupcake Decorating Basics June Class in Frankfurt

21 May
More fun in June with cupcake decorating!
Cupcake Decorating Basics!!

If you already know how to bake cupcakes and have always wanted to make them look as beautiful as those made by professionals, this is the course for you. Spend two hours with Ewa Feix from “Das Cupcake” learning how to decorate cupcakes. In this course you will:

  • choose the colours you want to work with from the provided colour palette
  • learn to pipe frosting using various techniques with popular piping nozzles
  • use professional tools to create flowers and other pretty details for your cupcakes
  • learn how to work with fondant and flower paste
By the end of the 5 hour tuition, you will have 12 delicious cupcakes beautifully decorated by you to take home to family and friends! This course is available on weekends for your convenience. Workshop fees include all ingredients. Don’t forget to bring your aprons! The class will take place in Frankfurt am Main and more information will follow once you sign up.

Please email to join!

June Class  (introductory price of €55 per class)
Saturday, June 2nd    11:00-14:30

In the class you learn how to make all the flowers pictured above.
Styling concept and photography by Iro – Ivy Nassopoulos. Check out more of her work by searching for Domestic stories with Ivy on Facebook…

Cupcake Decorating Basics Classes in Frankfurt

9 Apr
In Frankfurt by popular DEMAND!!


Cupcake Decorating Basics!!


If you already know how to bake cupcakes and have always wanted to make them look as beautiful as those made by professionals, this is the course for you. Spend two hours with Ewa Feix from “Das Cupcake” learning how to decorate cupcakes. In this course you will:

  • choose the colours you want to work with from the provided colour palette
  • learn to pipe frosting using various techniques with popular piping nozzles
  • use professional tools to create flowers and other pretty details for your cupcakes
  • learn how to work with fondant and flower paste
By the end of the 5 hour tuition, you will have 12 delicious cupcakes beautifully decorated by you to take home to family and friends! This course is available on weekends for your convenience. Workshop fees include all ingredients. Don’t forget to bring your aprons! The class will take place in Frankfurt am Main and more information will follow once you sign up.

Please email to join!

April Class  (introductory price of €55 per class)
Saturday, Apr. 21    11:00-16:00

In the class you learn how to make all the flowers pictured above.
Styling concept and photography by Iro - Ivy Nassopoulos. Check out more of her work by searching for Domestic stories with Ivy on Facebook.