Fluffy American Cupcakes in Germany

27 May

I am extremely excited to announce our next guest teacher coming to Frankfurt. It is Betsy from JavaCupcake.

She is not only a talented and devoted blogger, but always finds the time to generously share her wonderful recipes on her blog. Some of my favourite recipes which sound as heavenly as they taste are: White Velvet Blueberry Cupcakes, Homemade blueberry compote for filling your cupcakes and strawberry cupcakes made with fresh strawberry puree. I mean this girl steeps vanilla beans in her milk for vanilla cupcakes-how impressive is that? And in between steeping vanilla beans in milk she still finds time to write as a Correspondent for the world famous cupcake blog: Cupcakes Take the Cake.

On Betsy’s blog you will find bucket loads of recipes and also tutorials and videos– she is everything a great blogger should be and I admire her for that. Furthermore, she is not just someone who loves all things cupcake but someone who can appreciate the fine art of putting together a delicious cupcake recipe from scratch.

And the cool thing is that she has agreed to come to Frankfurt to help demystify one of the biggest secrets in baking. Yes, I am talking monumental. Just like that ever elusive vanilla cupcake recipe, that go-to, that is not to sweet and perfectly fluffy and comes with a fabulous buttercream, that level monumental.


Betsy and I are joining forces, and our expertise about all things cupcake and coming together to find out the question to that age old question bugging ALL expats abroad..and that is:

Can you truly make a fluffy North American style cupcake beauty in Europe?

Are the ingredients a totally different ballgame? Can you be set for success when you leave a German supermarket with your 405 Mehl (flour)? Or are American cupcakes, just that, cupcakes that can only be found in America?

Well, the mystery will be solved this July 20th. Armed with fresh ingredients from the commissary and fresh ingredients from REWE (German supermarket chain), we will bake cupcakes from scratch, using the same recipe but with local and international ingredients, to find out, what really counts when you are trying to bake a cupcake recipe from an American book in Germany.

Yes, we will buy cake flour, yes we will use the famous cake flour substitute, yes we will use American butter and REWE butter and do a side by side comparison of the results.

Are you excited??? Will you be there?

Where else would you want to be?

This is huge!!

So sign up for our class now! Email me: info@dascupcake.com

If you are still not convinced, Betsy and I will also be teaching piping techniques. Pretty swirls of all varieties. We will show you how to fill your piping bags with no mess, how to colour frosting and how to make the perfect swirl!

So what are waiting for? We would love to have you!

Java + Cupcake = Betsy!

Java + Cupcake = Betsy!

Here is some more information:

in this class you will…

    • learn the difference between an American cupcake & a German cupcake
    • see a side by side comparison of the ingreidents used in American cupcakes vs. German cupcakes
    • learn how to make classic Vanilla cupcakes with both American & German techniques and ingredients
    • learn how to make classic American buttercream
    • learn how to colour buttercream
    • learn how to use a piping bag and a coupler
    • learn how to pipe frosting on a cupcake to create perfect swirls of buttercream
    • bring home 6 beautifully decorated and delicious cupcakes to take home to family and friends.

Workshop fees include all ingredients and tools plus a light lunch. Don’t forget to bring your aprons!

Date: Saturday, July 20, 2013
Start time: 10:00 a.m. (30 minute lunch break)
End time: 2:30 p.m.
Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Language: English
Price: 120€

For registration information, email: info@dascupcake.com

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